Minecraft Conversations

My kids have a love, bordering on obsession, for Minecraft. They play the game on their tablets and the Xbox, and they watch videos on YouTube to learn how to do new things. They keep asking me to download it to the computer so they can “ohmyGod do so many more things”, but I haven’t bit the bullet on that yet.

I will admit that I don’t “get” the game. Even though they have tried to explain it to me a bajillion times. I know some moms enjoy it, but I just can’t seem to get there. Even my video game loving husband can’t seem to pick up the joy they have for the game.

However, I do love to sit and listen to the Minecraft conversations they have when they are playing the game, talking about it in the car, telling their Nana all about it, trying to coerce me into playing… You get the idea. Here are some of the funniest and most absurd things I’ve heard them say.

Minecraft Conversations

“It’s so hard to find turnips.”

“Oh my God I found a potato.” (me laughing, her super serious) “Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a potato?”

“Give me back my pork chops!”
“You give me back my bed!”

“You let the chickens out! (crying) Why did you let my chickens out?”

“Oh my God I found roses. Real roses. Can you believe I’ve found roses?”
“I want roses. How did you get roses? Where are my roses?”
“I think mine updated. Yours must not have updated yet.”

“How do I get milk?”
“You milk a cow, but you have to make a bucket first.”
“Yay I milked a cow!”

“Should I get a gold pick axe or a gold shovel?”

“You poisoned your dog.”

“Don’t blow up my house!”

“There is lava everywhere!”

“You are ruining it! Why are you ruining it?!”

“How do I make a portal?”

“I need to mine my diamonds.”

“Don’t kill my pets.”

“Did you see that squid flying?”

At least they are playing together. Right? Do kids play Minecraft? What are some of the funniest things you’ve overheard?


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    Oh my gosh, yes. ANd I don’t really get it, nor do I want to take the lessons my almost 9yo has been offering to give me. My husband does like to play, though. Funny things I’ve heard…”oh, cute baby creepers!” “Awwww baby cows! Don’t kill the baby cows” “You destroyed my stuff! Why’d you do that?!” (that one’s not so funny when it’s pure frustration)
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    The girls have visited with friends who were into Minecraft, and they didn’t get it either. They came home saying, “The whole [Doe] family plays it. It’s not that [fun, interesting]. I don’t get why they’re so obsessed with it.”

    Generally, Mickey and I are the game addicts. We are really specific, like alcoholics who only drink one type of drink.
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