Listen To Your Mother Southeast Texas – Howard Cox

It will come as no surprise to y’all that I loved directing the local Listen To Your Mother Show in Southeast Texas earlier this year seeing that I’ve mentioned it, um, a few times. I think Elaine and I did a great job. One of the things that made our job easy was our amazing cast. We got just the right people at just the right time, and all of their stories wove together to make a fabulous show. For the next few weeks I want to share a little bit about our cast members along with their videos. I hope you watch them all. They are amazing!

Howard Cox was raised in a small field by wolves. Sorry, that’s another story. He was actually raised in East Texas where he became first a newspaper humor columnist, then a community college instructor and finally a dad to two teenagers who think he’s “the worst father ever!” When his mom died a few years ago from ovarian cancer, he first started writing about the grim humor that goes along with that dreaded disease, and then he remembered a funny story she told him once. And another. And another. You get the idea.

Howard was the first person to send in a submission, the first person to interview, and the first person Elaine and I looked at each other said, “He MUST be in our show!!!” He showed up at his audition in a Marvel superhero T-shirt and had us laughing the entire time. Please enjoy his story, My Mother Made Me a Cheapskate:

To view all of the speakers in our show visit our LTYM Southeast Texas YouTube playlist.