This Boy

This boy… He settles into me on the couch, sinking his body as close to mine as he can. Over and over he will say, “momma, my momma” as he pulls me close for a hug or squeezes my arm or my leg. I’m the last one to get a kiss and a hug at night, and he can’t leave in the morning without the same. He believes I am beautiful. My food is the best, whether I heat up a corn dog or make a requested meal.

I am his best girl.

There is something about this boy.

I love both my children the same, but I would be lying if I didn’t say there was something about this boy. I know mothers everywhere appreciate and admire their children for various reasons. They each have their own personality traits that make them shine. But moms of both genders will tell you there is something different about the boys.

I know that Cady is mine forever and ever. There will never be another woman in her life that will replace me. But the boys… We raise the boys knowing that one day they will leave.

We raise the boys knowing that one day they will leave.

I will not always be his best girl. I am okay with this because I know it is the way it is supposed to be. Our job, mine and David’s, is to be the example for how to love a woman, how to respect her, how to fight for her, how to be for her. It is my task to get him ready for my replacement.

From the moment our sons are placed in our arms we love them a little harder and squeeze them a little longer because we know that one day it will come to an end.

But for now, I will take comfort in the truth that I am his best girl.


  1. Yes, I can absolutely relate – I have a girl and a boy as well. Truth! Sigh.
    Kerstin recently posted…The Fucket ListMy Profile

  2. That was lovely. You put my thoughts into words. :-)
    Lisa recently posted…It’s Not Who You Are That Holds You BackMy Profile

  3. I do love my boys with all my heart. And I take comfort in knowing that my husband is still super close to his mama, so maybe I won’t actually lose them to another one someday. ;)
    Shell recently posted…Bragging-Jaded and Those Moms: Pour Your Heart OutMy Profile

  4. I know this love you speak of. I know how one day I won’t be the best girl to them anymore either. bittersweet. love that picture of James. so much spunk in it!
    sarah reinhart recently posted…A baby, a birth, some butterMy Profile

  5. Noooooooo. Don’t say that. (Just kidding. Of course we are raising them to be the best men they can be, so when they leave people will be as in awe of them as we are.) Yes, for now I will snuggle him hard and love how much we love each other.
    angela recently posted…So this is sixMy Profile

  6. This is perfect. I relate SO MUCH. I hope I launch mine well.
    Lady Jennie recently posted…Imperfectly Delicious “Sole Meunière”My Profile

  7. I love the term best girl. And when he does find another girl, I low you won’t be far behind her in the rankings.
    Leigh Ann recently posted…a running playlist: 80s alternative editionMy Profile

  8. This! This is exactly why I love being a boy Mom. This is exactly why I don’t want people to feel bad for me that I don’t have girls. This is exactly how I feel. I love being their girl.
    Laura recently posted…#ShareSomeLove and Decorate for Valentine’s DayMy Profile

  9. That’s how my two boys treat me, like I’m their best girl. I love it!
    Alison recently posted…A Different Kind Of Sweet SpotMy Profile

  10. I never thought of it this way, but I am my boys’ best girl too, for now. And I do love it.
    So lovely and bittersweet, Jennifer.
    Kim recently posted…It’s a Trap! (A Nine-Year-Old’s Guide to Avoiding Bedtime)My Profile

  11. Stop trying to make me cry, this is “My week” after all… ;) So sweet.
    Elaine A. recently posted…Valentine’s Old School Blogging!My Profile

  12. There is just something about the ways little boys love there moms. It’s the foundation for their future relationships with women but also the foundation for our future relationship with them. I hope that by being close when he is young that we will continue to have a strong relationship as he gets older.
    Julia recently posted…About 3My Profile

  13. Soooo, I will be alone soon then. NOOOOOOOOOOO!
    Dude Mom recently posted…Valentine’s Day Treat: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough BrowniesMy Profile

  14. Oh, how I know this. :)
    Andrea recently posted…Three KidsMy Profile


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