I was frustrated this morning. One couldn’t find his shoes, but wouldn’t really look for them, and the other one needed me to sign these papers “right now”, papers that were supposed to be given to me last week. I may have snapped. Then I may have worried about snapping the rest of the morning. I may still be worried about it right now.

So many things to do. Piles and stacks and lists fill my brain. I start note after note to get them out so that they will be somewhere. Somewhere besides inside my head. I mark things off and add things on.

Clean the refrigerator.
Deliver the Girl Scout cookies.
Load the dishwasher.
Defrost the chicken for dinner.
Scrub the bathrooms.
Fold the laundry.

It never ends. Everything just keeps coming, and there is more and more and more and… not enough. Not enough of me.

And so I get frustrated. And I snap. And I feel guilty. And I add to the list.

Apologize for snapping.

This post was written for Just Write, which is what I did. I sat down and I just wrote.


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        Just wrote a blog post entitled “A Meltdown for Mom”~ we need to admit, as moms, that this happens! It may not be pretty, it may take a while to recover from, it may leave chaos and hurt in it’s wake…but it happens~ and it’s okay…You are NOT alone! We just have to be willing, as mom, to share and come alongside each other as we do this mothering thing!

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    I snap too. Early mornings and bedtimes are the worst. Breathe & move on with your day, and for goodness sake make a list in your phone lady. I always feel better when I can actually check things off a list; it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.
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    I’m definitely someone who has lots of lists and snaps frequently. Ugh – sorry your list never ends, I can very much relate to that.

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    Oh yeah, I know this so well. My youngest says “mommy is frusterated again.” Nice, he has his own word for my snappiness! I snapped at the pharmacist at Walgreen’s today & felt so bad I went back over to her and apologized and explained I was overwhelmed with the pink eye epidemic in our house at the moment not so much her. Ugh.
    I feel sort of bad, but I smiled when you put “apologize for snapping” on you list.
    Hang in there mama and know we are all making a very similar list!!!
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    This is common around here. I snap because I don’t like being interrupted, which is how life works. In our family we interrupt each other and fall over each other and forget and remember too late and everyone’s needs must be met now. It’s overwhelming. Sometimes breathing is all you can do.
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