10 Things I Would Rather Listen to than Political Ads

It is primaries season in Texas. Early voting started last week. That means politicians vying for our votes have littered our roadsides with signs, posters, and billboards in shades of red, white, and blue (all three for the most patriotic). I hate these signs. I think they are ugly and their only purpose is to clog landfills after the election.

But more than the signs, I hate the television and radio advertisements. With the advent of the DVR, I can mostly avoid the ads on TV, and when I can’t, I mute the channel. I NEVER, EVER listen to them. I find the radio ads the most annoying. There I’ll be cruising along, jamming to my favorite tunes, riding a high, when BAM! Out of nowhere comes blah, blah, blah, rhetoric, buzzword, blah, blah, barf. The barfing was from me in case you were wondering.

Ninety-nine percent of the time I change the station, and here’s some news for you radio station people, you don’t get me back until the next station pollutes my car with the sound of some politician droning on about how he or she is so much better than someone else. *barf* Does anyone ever actually listen to these ads, or worse yet, make a decision based on them?

And please, please, don’t think I’m a toe the party-liner when it comes to these types of ads. I hate them ALL. As a matter of fact here’s a list of 10 things I would rather listen to than a political advertisement by ANY candidate.

I really hate political ads. Here are 10 things I would rather listen to.

1. An ad for used cars.

2. That noise your straw makes when you move it up and down in a plastic lid.

3. Kidz Bop.

4. My alarm that wakes me up every morning at 5:15.

5. My kids whining.

6. The dryer buzzing every two minutes until I stop what I’m doing and take the clothes out already.

7. Nails on a chalkboard.

8. That noise Styrofoam makes when you rub your teeth against it.

9. William Hung singing top 40.

10. Smacking.

What would you rather listen to than political ads?

Photos adapted via Creative Commons license – Matthew Rutledge, Thomas Hawk, Rob Begbie, Katherine of Chicago, Owen AElvert Barnes


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    Ugh, politics. That has been on the backburner in general for me, since we can’t vote in Canada yet… And I agree with the ads – we get a lot of the US channels here and those ads make me cringe (as do the Canadian ones)…
    Kerstin recently posted…Bundt Cake – German StyleMy Profile

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    Have you ever heard of The Ticket? It’s a sports radio station in Dallas that Tim still listens to on his phone in the mornings. They did a HILARIOUS spoof on political ads that you would LOVE, recently. I will have to play it for you next time I see you. SO funny!

    Also, I almost spit out my coffee at #2. 😀
    Elaine A. recently posted…Calm in the CrazyMy Profile

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    Ain’t it the damn truth? Ugh. So tired of the Senator candidate ads. And the governor ads. You can poke holes in so much of what they say. Have you seen the one for some guy running for Railroad Commissioner, claiming he’s going to reverse Obama’s directives? Umm…you know that the Railroad Commissioner has nothing to do with the President, right? Sheesh.

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    Love this! I get so tired of hearing and seeing these ads. Love the Kidsbop CD reference. I had to listen to that when I managed a Summer Camp. I listened to it on a bus every time we went on a field trip. Kill me now! ha ha
    Michelle recently posted…Mardi Gras Preschool ThemeMy Profile

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    SNORT. We all totally get down to Kidz Bop (as I’m sure you know by now), so that’s not really torture for me. I think I’d rather listen to my husband’s sports radio alllll the way home from a road trip than the political ads (and you know they talk about the same damn thing over and over and over for three hours on those sports programs).
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    I’ll take listening to Justin Bieber over listening to political ads. Both are a nightmare on your eardrums and your brain but at least with Bieber there’s some type of music coming out of the speakers and you can mentally tune out the bad lyrics. Even the Spice Girls weren’t as bad as those pesky ads!
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