Give the Gift of Timeless Toys with K’Nex

I love sharing with my kids the same timeless toys that I played with when I was young. I love seeing the same wonder and excitement on their face that I know I had at their age. That is why I was happy to participate in the K’NEX Toys “R” Us&#174 Mom Blogger Promotion. My kids were pretty happy about the free toys they sent for us to review.

James jumped for joy when he saw the New Super Mario Bros.&#8482 2 Thwomps&#8482 Building Set. He loves playing Super Mario Bros.&#8482 on the Wii, and he couldn’t wait to put the set together so that he could play with it in real life.

Timeless Toys: Little hands snapping together a K'Nex building set.

Of course he doesn’t quite meet the age range for being able to complete the set so he needed a little help. He probably asked David a hundred times when they would be finished.

Timeless Toys: Daddy gets to put together a K'NEX building set with his son.

One of the great things about K’NEX though is that when you put them together they stay that way until you take them apart. Other building sets we’ve purchased seem to be more delicate. I like that I can pick these sets up and move them around the house without worrying about destroying someone’s creation.

One thing I was surprised about was how excited Cady got when I pulled out the Lincoln Logs&#174 Redfield Ranch set. I thought at almost nine she would be “too grown up” for Lincoln Logs&#174, but I was wrong. She immediately declared them the “most fun toy in the schooler room” at daycare.

Timeless Toys: Lincoln Logs are a building toy that is fun for all ages.

She was quick to grab the instructions and get to work, and couldn’t wait for me to take a photo of her finished project.

Timeless Toys: Lincoln Logs are a building toy that is fun for all ages.

I like that this is a toy we can pull out when my pre-school age nephew comes to visit and all the kids can play together. Plus, Lincoln Logs&#174 are super durable and can take a beating. Not to mention all the memories they bring back of me and my cousin playing with them when we were kids.

In addition to these two sets, K’NEX has others that are exclusive to Toys “R” Us&#174 like the Typhoon Frenzy&#8482 Roller Coaster Building Set I will be gifting to my nine year old nephew for Christmas.

The Typhoon Frenzy Roller Coaster Building Set makes a great Christmas gift for the kid in your life.

They also have the Beatles Yellow Submarine&#8482 Building Set, 521 Amazing Value Tub Building Set, and KISS&#174 Rock Stage Big Rig Building Set

K'NEX Building Sets Exclusive to Toys R Us

If you are looking for some cool toys this holiday season, be sure to check out these K’NEX building sets. I think your kids will love them as much as mine do. For more information about the K’NEX brand you can follow them on Twitter, like their Facebook page, or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Disclosure: I was provided toys at no charge as a participant in the K’NEX Toys “R” Us&#174 Mom Blogger Promotion to facilitate a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own