Trifextra Week 52 {Creative Writing}

It called from the other room.

“Eat me… Hello? Are you there? Did you forget that I’m delicious?”

I made my way into the kitchen.

Later someone asks, “What happened to the cookies?”

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This week for the Trifextra creative writing prompt we were asked to explore personification (attaching human traits and characteristics with inanimate objects, phenomena and animals) in 33 words. I’m not gonna lie; this one was a little hard for me. I had to think about it all day, and then I only came up with this idea after Jodi and I had a long discussion about cookies. What? You don’t have in depth discussions about cookies with your friends? Clearly you are hanging out with the wrong people.

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photo credit: nettsu via photopin cc


  1. Hehe, another dessert entry! It’s definitely that kinda weekend :) Love the picture! :D Giving in to temptation’s the best part ;)

  2. It can be easy to fall to their temptation, cookies are delicious.

  3. Ha!ha!love this Jennifer:-)Hope you told them that it was the cookie monster who ate those cookies;-)

  4. Cobbie's World

    I would write a longer comment for you but, you have fuelled a craving for cookies and tea that is calling me at the moment. Thanks for a delightful read.

  5. as daughter and I ride the bikes at the gym one or the other of us will invariably channel CM and shout “EAT DA COOKIE!”

    Now, I wanna cookie. :)

  6. They really do call out to you, those evil cookies!

  7. Hee! Love this, love cookies and seriously your photography is rockin’! Way to go, mama!

    {Also, yum! Can I have one, please? :)}

  8. hahaha this is so cute!

  9. My food talks to me too.

  10. Ha! I love this – especially the line “Did you forget that I’m delicious?” – too funny! Great take on the prompt.

  11. mmm. I love me some cookies!

  12. Oh, have I heard those siren calls before…

  13. Clever girl… who ate the cookies indeed. You were invited. I liked your story.

  14. Very fun. Got a nice giggle out of that one.

  15. Those darn cookies! They’ve been calling to me ever since Christmas… “Bake me,” they cry… Then, “Eat me.” What’s a girl to do? I ate them. :D

  16. That picture is fantastic. Nice find. Mmmmm. Cookies.

  17. I hate it when food calls me from the other room. Ruins my desire to moderate all the time. Well done.

  18. Yep, I’m totally with you!

  19. That’s what I keep hearing!
    Nicely done!

  20. Cereal does this, too. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard.