Organize My Home!

For this week’s vlog workshop Mama Kat asked, “If you could hire help for any one task… what would it be?” The answer to that is easy, organize my home. Here’s a little more about it (and yes, I did record this while I was getting dressed):

(Video here.)

I like things neat… and organized. As evidenced by this photo that I took of my pantry last year after I cleaned it:

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My problem is that I don’t have the time to organize my home the way I want, or to keep it that way, so I end up doing nothing. Then I get frustrated and go on a mad purging, organizing, cleaning spree, but then it never lasts and I’m back to doing nothing. It is a vicious cycle.

I would love for someone to come in and just do it all for me. I can envision neatly stacked buckets and bins that are all color coordinated with little labels for where everything needs to go. That’s a pretty daydream, right? Unfortunately I don’t have the money to pay someone to come in and do all of that work for me so for now that organized world will just exist in my daydreams.

What would you pay someone to do for you? Why not vlog about it and link it up?


  1. I clicked over from Facebook because I saw a pantry pic…not unlike what I’m planning to post tomorrow. I hear you…organizing is so rewarding, but SO frustrating! Also? Props to you for vlogging while making yourself up. Cute approach. One I could *never* do for fear of breaking the camera or frightening away my readers for life.
    Sue – The Spin Cycle recently posted…Laptops, Urine, and PavlovMy Profile

  2. You’re such an awesome multi-tasker. :)

    I would pay someone to clean out my mini-van right now. It’s pretty bad. Wonder how much it would be worth to Tim… ;)
    Elaine recently posted…Nature and Ice CreamMy Profile

  3. I would so pay for someone to grocery shop. We actually considered budgeting for it, but it felt ridiculous.
    Alex recently posted…Our Backyard Fort RulesMy Profile

    • Do y’all have stores where you can shop online and have it delivered? We don’t. Our area is too small, but the idea of that definitely appeals to me.

  4. january arnold says:

    You just have an organized mess like me. LOL

  5. Now that is multi-tasking! I definitely would pay someone to organize my house. It is in shambles right now!
    Ginny Marie recently posted…The View From My Kitchen WindowMy Profile

  6. I would love for someone to come in and organize my house. I have a closet organization project in process right now that could really use someone!
    another jennifer recently posted…One of my favorite views in Maine (vlog)My Profile

  7. I so totally agree with you. I hate choas… ha, totally what I have in my life, and having things organized would be awesome.

    I’d also pay someone to clean for me.
    Jen recently posted…5pmMy Profile

  8. I would, if I could, pay someone to both clean and organize my home. I might even feel the whole crew up if they asked as long as I could do it in private and no one else would know. I used to love watching some HGTV show whose name I can’t even remember now because it was like they transformed houses. I go in IKEA and just want to live there.
    Arnebya recently posted…Pushing Back PossibilityMy Profile

    • I had a housekeeper once. One day I walked in after work and smelled the clean-ness and I looked at my husband and said, “If she were a lesbian I would totally do her to keep her coming back.” He agreed he would let me.

  9. I would pay someone to come clean once a week for me. I can do the daily stuff, but I deplore the deep cleaning.
    Mama Melch recently posted…Labor’s a…My Profile

  10. I love to organize so I would do that myself, but I would pay someone to follow my hubby around and put back everything he takes out of it’s organized spot and just leaves on the floor or table when he is done ;)
    veronica recently posted…Adventures in the Basement: Video Tour of Our BasementMy Profile

    • Oh Veronica, this comment has me laughing out load. David is a super organized person, but he agrees with me that we are so unorganized neither of us know where to start. My kids on the other hand? Following them around would be a full time job.

  11. I seriously would have to have someone come in EVERY day to keep it organized. Of course that is not happening. sigh…
    btw-I want that pantry! Wow!
    Naila Moon recently posted…Wordless(ish) Wed…Freedom of the Road on Rte 66 1/23/2013My Profile

  12. Mine would be organizing. But since you said that one and we have intense struggles in our home with “once-you-know-someone-else’s-answer-you-can’t-think-of-something-else”, I’m also going to say, I’d pay someone to come in and look at my wardrobe and tell me what to throw away and what to keep and help me put together some new ideas with the old stuff.
    Maggie S. recently posted…Do You Mind If I Pass?My Profile

  13. I would pay someone to build me a pantry like yours. I have serious pantry envy!! We don’t even have a pantry here- Everything is crammed in a corner cabinet with a lazy susan in it. Between that and the tiny fridge, the translation here is that I go to the grocery store A LOT!