Gossip, continued {Creative Writing}

creative writing, Trifecta, Momma Made It Look Easy, hobbies, all about me, fictionThe hook snagged on the thick lily pad stalks as it was pulled to the bank of the pond.

“That’s a bitch.”

“What did you say?” Laroy cringed at the boy’s use of the curse he had learned while working by Laroy’s side. All he needed was Jake to utter something like that in front of Mrs. Caulfield. He didn’t want to think about the tongue lashing he would get as a result. That woman’s words could flay the hide off an alligator.

Jake looked at the ground, “Nuthin’.” He loved being outside with Laroy and away from all of those women that were always telling him what to do.

“That’s what I thought.” Laroy softened his tone as he added, “You better get on back to the house. It’s lunch time. Your momma will be looking for you.”

“Yes sir. Can I come back after lunch?”

Laroy heard the hope singing through the boy words. “If your momma says it’s alright.”

Jake took off running as Laroy gave the rope a hard tug, dislodging it, and pulling it to the bank. He removed the lily pad stalks stuck to the hook and threw them in the waiting trailer. After he was done he would lay them out to dry and then burn. It wasn’t the hardest job, but it had to be done before the plants took over and killed the pond.

He tossed the rope back in the pond. It snagged again. As Laroy pulled he could tell it wasn’t the weight of the plants holding it, but something stronger. “Dammit.” The last thing he wanted to do was go for a swim.

He backed the farm truck over to the pond and tied off the rope. He got back in the truck and started forward. When he felt the rope give, he stopped the truck and went back to the bank of the pond.

“What the hell?”

Why would a car bumper be at the bottom of the pond?


This week Trifecta picked the word bitch for their creative writing prompt. As always you have to use the third definition of the word in your post. For bitch that is, something that is extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant.

This is a continuation from the story I wrote last week, Gossip. These are different characters in a different setting (obviously), and this is more background to the over all story. I hope y’all like it.

Be sure to go over to Trifecta and read some of the other posts. There are some really great writers that participate in the challenge.

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    I had no idea this was a continuation of another piece – it stands so well on its own. I love the way you describe the relationship between Jake and Laroy by their actions, not in words.
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