Words Fail Me

I have no words. I want words, but in a time like this they fail me. I want to be able to name this heaviness that resides in my heart. This confusion that plagues my thoughts. This heaviness that weighs down my soul. But I don’t think a word has been thought of to describe this feeling. Because who could have ever nightmared something like this happening.

I want to tell you how my daughter turned eight this weekend. Or something mundane, like how we ran errands. Or even to whine about how I became so sick this weekend that I thought I would have to go to the emergency room. Or something wonderful, like how Elaine came to visit me this weekend and stayed the night for Cady’s party.

But I can’t tell you about these things. Not yet. Because my words are lost in unending sadness and heartbreak. So today, though I may distract myself with work and the sameness of everyday life, I will also mourn. I will fight to keep my tears behind swollen, reddened eyes. I will take deep breaths to stop the sobs. I will say prayers that God ease the suffering of the mothers whose arms are empty and that he watch over my children. I will focus on the little things, because those are the things that pull us through in times like these.


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    I posted about this today too. I’m anticipating a tough day. I tear up every time I think about greeting my students this morning. I lost it in the shower yesterday thinking about what I would do if it were me, protecting my class while I knew my own two children where somewhere in the building and I couldn’t get to them. This one, hit too close to home on many levels.
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  2. Kim says

    Let the tears flow. Sometimes there aren’t enough words — that’s ok. They’ll come. In with the good out with the bad. Breathe. That’s what I keep telling myself. {{hugs}}

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    It was really hard to send them out the door to school this morning. And I am so thankful for their teachers, I wish they could really know. We need to say it. We need to say “thank you” and I love you and you are worth something. And we need to send as much love out into the world as we can with prayer and loving words.

    Glad I got to hug you this weekend.
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    The words are what are hardest for me to find right now. I have the right feelings, I know. I have the right desire to take action, yes. But words? I have said a few but I know more is coming today. My mind is racing. My heart is crying and I want to punch something until the ache in my hands dulls the hurt in my heart and the roaring in my head.
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    I am so sad. So very sad.

    I am still in a place of disbelief that this is a part of my children’s lives. That I dropped my children off and picked them up today with police officers in the parking lot.

    I just can’t imagine the parents. I can’t think about what they see when they close their eyes.

    You are right there are no words.
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    I didn’t even comment on this on Facebook, because nothing I can say can describe how I feel. I keep trying to push it out of my mind, but then it creeps back in and when it does, I always see Zoe’s face in her kindergarten room, scared and crying for me. And then I imagine *I* am getting the call the school is on lockdown and that I have to go up there to finally learn that my child is gone. And then I cry, and feel empty, and ache, and get sick to my stomach. So many things…. things I don’t want to feel but can’t help feel.
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