Morgan {Red Writing Hood}

The wind moved through the tops of the trees causing a fresh blanket of red and yellow to float to the forest floor. Morgan adjusted her dad’s old army backpack and checked to make sure she was still on the trail.

The sound of a twig snapping echoed through the forest. She stopped and glanced around to see if anyone had heard. Knowing she was alone did not remove the fear of discovery. Taking a deep breath, she picked up her pace. She had to make it to the clearing and set up camp before nightfall.

She set her tent up at the very edge of the clearing and camouflaged it with as many leaves as possible. As dark fell, she tucked herself into her sleeping bag and worked to steal her mind against the onslaught of memories.

It was easier during the day when she could focus on the tasks at hand, but during the night her mind held relentless reminders of why she was running. And hiding. She must not forget the hiding.

Blood was everywhere. Ribbons of it across the floor, and even more coating her nightgown, making it stick to her body. And the screaming… why would the screaming not stop? Morgan jerked awake realizing that the sound was coming from her. Her face was soaked from where she had been crying in her sleep.

She swallowed deep gulps of air as she listened for any sound to indicate that she wasn’t alone, but all she could hear was the hammering of her heart in her chest.

“Tomorrow. One more day and I’ll be across the border. New name. New life. Just one more day,” Morgan chanted as she packed up camp and headed to the trail before the sun had even joined the day.

“Surely they won’t be able to find me again.”

Morgan, Part 2


Last week I started part one of Around the Clock. A story about a girl in a diner that meets a mysterious man. My friend Melissa (from Rock and Drool) and I are teaming up to write more of the story. Today she has part two, which includes a little bit more information about Mr. Wingtips. I gave her my premise and she took the story where I she wanted. The plan is for me to pick it up next week and so on.

When I got the story in my head about Morgan, I felt like she was part of Dee’s story, but it didn’t make sense because Dee’s story begins in the summer of 1955, and Morgan is most definitely not part of the 50’s. I had no idea how to tie it all together. Then this morning I read Melissa’s part of the story.

I love it when a plan comes together.

The Red Writing Hood prompt from Write on Edge for this week was “new beginnings are full of promise and potential,…” You have 300 words this week to write about something new: a new character, the beginning of a new story, a new pair of shoes.


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      Thanks. I’m pretty sure this is a new character in the story from last week, but I’m not sure how she fits in yet. Maybe her story is different.

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      Thank you. I’m glad I was able to communicate the tenseness of the what she was going through. The killing is definitely part of the hiding.

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      Thank you so much. When you are writing it out you know how the character feels, but I always worry that the words will be sufficient to translate it to the reader.

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    Electric with intrigue! Makes me want to know more. I especially like the way you worded: “And hiding. She must not forget the hiding.”

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    I read Dee’s beginning but not this (somehow). You really do a wonderful job keeping the emotion heightened throughout the piece without making it seem melodramatic.
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