What’s Up {Random Thoughts}

What’s up?:
This weekend I took the kids to the beach for a few hours, and then we went to visit my stepmom. Yesterday I washed five loads of laundry, two loads through the dishwasher, washed my car by hand, and scrubbed my living room from top to bottom… as in taking out all the furniture, filling a bucket with cleaner and water, and literally scrubbing everything. Next up? Shampooing the carpet. Until that happens we are sitting on folding lawn chairs in the living room and skirting the couch and chairs in the kitchen.

Today I’m taking the kids for their teeth cleaning. Hopefully we won’t have a repeat of the last time. I’ve also got a girl scout meeting tonight, carpet to shampoo, and furniture to move around. And if anyone knows where the extensions are for my vacuum cleaner are I would really appreciate you letting me know. James has put them somewhere, and of course he can’t remember where.

A Photo Just Because:
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This is one of the photos I took at the beach this weekend. I also did some video. You can watch for that to come up on Wednesday.

Stuff I Did Last Week:
Photos I took last year when we went on the Polar Express were used in a local magazine. That was pretty squeee worthy. Monday I was in Austin for training. Wednesday I shared a video about my Halloween costume, and Thursday I shared photos of the kids in their costumes and some random thoughts. Friday I wrote a little piece of fiction. Exciting news about that post. I will be partnering with Melissa from Rock and Drool to write more of that story. One Friday I will have a post and the next she will have a post. Be sure to check out the what happens with Dee and Mr. Wingtips.

Some Great Stuff I Read:
Did y’all see that George Lucas is giving all of the money Disney paid him to education? Amazing. I love this post Galit wrote about Chutzpah on Aiming Low. As usual The Kitchen Witch brings the humor with the heart. I thought this article about Benghazi was very informative.


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      That is what the rest of my house looks like. I made the mistake of looking behind some furniture a couple of weeks ago. The idea of all that dust was driving me insane.