My First Job

This week Mama Kat wanted to know about my first job (and yours too of course).

I mentioned in the video that my first job was one of the first times I can remember standing up for myself in an adult way. I wrote about it while back, Moxie Runs In the Family.

So what was my first ever job? Here’s a hint:

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If you guessed grocery store cashier then you were exactly right. I worked for a local chain that is no longer in business. At the time cigarettes were $1.50 a pack with tax. I remember that because we sold a LOT of cigarettes. We also sold a lot of soda.

This store was also one of those “bag your own groceries” types of stores. As I would scan the items I would place them in a cart next to my register (kind of like Sam’s does). This made me super OCD about how grocery items are placed in the cart, a little quirk that stuck with me. Holy hell, do NOT just throw things all willy nilly into my cart.

Thankfully, I don’t have any significant horror stories like some people do from their first jobs. The worst part of the job for me was the smells. Not of the food, but of the people. Until I worked there I never realized how many people didn’t bathe… or change their children’s diapers… or their own diapers. The sweaty bra money was pretty gross too.

What was your first ever job?

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    Was it called King Saver?? That one over on 327? My memory is foggy, but I thought I remembered that one having you bag your own groceries. My first job was summer after junior year working at the Blueberry Patch on 327. That was one HOT job!! But we would finish up around 3:30 and then drive down to the creek and go swimming.
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    My first job (outside of babysitting) was at the sandwich place, Schlotzsky’s. I worked as the salad maker and a cashier. The shop manager was an ass and a chauvinist. I still get the shivers thinking about him. But I worked with some cool people who took me out for drinks (I was NOT of age) and so that part was fun… 😉
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      I don’t think I could have ever worked in the food industry. People are too weird… which I guess you could say the same thing about grocery stores, but I don’t really remember anyone being super rude. Thankfully my bosses were pretty nice.

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    My first job was working at an ice cream parlor down the street…I remember eating lots and lots of frozen custard. Wish I could do that now without any consequences :)

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      An ice cream parlor would have been awesome, but I don’t think I could have worked in one in high school and not have gained 50 pounds.

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    We could totally grocery shop together. My husband and my girls think I’m crazy the way I organize the cart, the belt and the bags. They get embarrassed if I move something from one bag and put it in another but shampoo goes with a bag of non food items not in a bag with raw meat and I like it packed up in bags so it is grouped together to put away easier.
    I’m learning a lot about you between the crayon box and this post and I LOVE IT!!!
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