Project 365, Week 32

I had planned to have a “real” post for y’all today, but after the weekend of the sick I’m sticking with a Project 365 update.

One of the things I missed the most while I was in NYC? Good air conditioning.

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The first thing I did when I got in the truck Sunday afternoon was crank it up as high as it would go. The windows were frosty, but at least I wasn’t sweating.

being a mom

While I was out of town Cady wrote me this note. On one side is a picture she printed online from our new favorite show, Gravity Falls, and on the back she drew this picture and wrote, “Beware of how much I love you Mom. I miss you a lot. One more thing. I hope you love me too.” So sweet. She got lots of hugs for this.

Wednesday I drove the new truck to work for the first time.


I’m calling it “The Beast” because it is freaking huge. I feel like I’m driving a monster truck when I’m in it. But that doesn’t mean I can’t back it into my parking spot like a rock star.


At least I can when no one else is in the parking lot yet. It will take me awhile to get comfortable driving it before I try that when other cars are around.

Thursday afternoon I finally had enough of toughing it out and went home from work sick. Friday morning I went to the doctor where he diagnosed me with “I don’t THINK you have pneumonia.” I went home and spent the rest of my weekend in bed.

all about me

So if you are keeping track, one weekend away at BlogHer plus one weekend camped out in my bedroom coughing up a lung equals a house that looks like a bomb went off in it. I’m not sure when I’ll catch up. Probably never.

This week will be work, work, work, more work, laundry (too much to even calculate how long it will take to finish), cleaning, getting ready for dance to start next week (for BOTH kids), and preparing for back to school. What are y’all up to?


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    Glad you are feeling better! This week is crazy enough for me without having a weekend a way or being sick over another one. Wish I lived closer to you! I would throw in a load or two of laundry for you while you were at work.
    Kristen recently posted…Birthday Self PhotoMy Profile

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      I normally don’t let anyone touch my laundry but my mom, but this week I would totally let you come over and throw in a couple of loads for me.

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    My daughter writes me notes when I go to conferences now too….it’s the best. :) SO wish I would have seen you this year. Will I see you at Blissdom since it’s near you this year? You’re in Texas right? I’ve already booked my ticket!! :-)
    Nicole recently posted…10 Blogging TruthsMy Profile

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    I’m sorry you were sick! What a bummer. I almost hate getting on airplanes because I know I’ll end up sick at some point. I won’t touch the air vents or the lights without using a tissue. I’m sure I look like a freak to others, but it’s proven those things aren’t regularly cleaned.

    I’m very impressed at your back-up parking skills. I do NOT back into spots. Not even with Jdaddy’s Buick Regal, and certainly NOT with my Suburban.
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      I’m pretty sure it was from the New York air and being in such tight quarters with so many people. From what I’ve heard I’m not the only one that came home sick.

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    “Beware of how much I love you…” I am lifting that. Do I need to send Cady cash?
    Took the boy to the orthodontist to have the expander put BACK in. I am not laughing yet.

    We totally need some extra-curricular activities. It just surprised me to realize I can think in those terms again!!!
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    I’m so sorry you had a crappy weekend but I hope you got some rest. I know, as a momma, that’s never easy. What a testament to David that he’s able and WILLING to hold down the fort for you while you were sick. I have martyr disease – I could have double pneumonia and I’d probably be up, folding laundry and making dinner, in time to drive carpool. Sure I might pass out in the pick-up line but HEY! quick drive to the ER. LOL
    Texan Mama recently posted…looking in from the outsideMy Profile

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      He does step up, but I’m not sure I give him any other option. I basically say, “I’m going to bed,” and that’s it. And I did cook dinner Saturday night (even though I didn’t want to) while he was doing something in the garage, and he did go to the hunting club all Sunday morning while I was alone with the kids.