That’s My Girl

Cady is on day two of the STAAR test. Yesterday was math and today is reading. Right after I got to work this morning, I received a call from her counselor.

“Mrs. Williams, um, Cady is refusing to take the STAAR test because she thought she was supposed to do it on the computer. What should we do?”

I had talked to the counselor earlier in the year about Cady using a new format on the computer to do the reading portion of the test to accommodate her dyslexia, and I had mentioned it to Cady then that she might take the test that way.

When I met with her teacher and counselor a couple of months ago to go over her 504 plan for next year, we decided it would be better for her to do the test the way she practiced. I guess I forgot to tell Cady about that decision.

I could tell that the counselor was at her wit’s end about what to do. I told her to tell Cady that I thought it would be best if she did the test as practiced.

“Okay, I’ll do that. Thank you.”

I was kind of embarrassed by Cady’s behavior when I hung the phone. But as the day has progressed and I’ve thought about it more, I’m not embarrassed at all. In fact, I am really freaking proud of her.

My girl was brave enough to stand up to her teacher and counselor to fight for what she thought she needed. She was adamant that they were going to do it the right way or she was not going to take that test. She fought for herself.

It’s working y’all.

It’s working.

Her daugther refused to take the STAAR test without the agreed upon accommodations for her dyslexia.

12 Binge-Worthy Series to Watch on Netflix

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I see it all the time on Facebook. “I just finished watching xyz. What should I watch next?” My list of recommendations is long. Very long. Normally, I try to tailor my list to what it seems like the person asking might like or I base it off of what others have already recommended. BUT, if I were just going to make a list of my top 12 binge-worthy series to watch on Netflix, these would be the shows I would tell you to watch next.

My top 12 binge-worthy series to watch on Netflix.

1. Bloodline – This is a new Netflix original and it is SO FREAKING GOOD. Yes, I want to shout about it. I binged this whole series in one day. My kids ate corn dogs for dinner and no laundry got done, but it was totally worth it. The Philadelphia Inquirer calls Bloodline “an intricately drawn and superbly cast portrait of a family in crisis.” Yes. It is that and more. It just gets more twisty and intersecty as you watch it.

2. Orange is the New Black – I’ve already written all about my love for Orange is the New Black. You can read that post or you can just get it over with and watch the series already.

3. House of Cards – Super, excellent program. I have not watched the most current season. I’m trying to savor the fact it is there. Plus, once I start watching I know I won’t be able to stop and then it will be all gone until the next installment.

4. Marco Polo – I just watched this series, and yes, this is another Netflix original. Honestly, I try to resist watching these because I keep thinking that they can’t all be good, but so far, that is in incorrect assumption. I love all of the ones I’ve watched and this is not an exception. It is very heavy on the violence. I had to look away a few times. Ick. And there are some sex/nudity scenes. You’ve been warned. But the acting is superb, the story is great, and the fight scenes are fantastic (until they start chopping people’s heads off).

5. Fringe – This is a fantastic sci-fi series, but it really is so much more than that. It is a story about broken people learning how to love and become a family. It is touching and raw and funny. I love it. I’m watching it again.

6. Pretty Little Liars – I binged this show last summer (I think). I like it because it is brainless and kitschy, but it has just enough suspense to keep you watching. I’m waiting for the current season to be added so I can catch up on all of the little liars.

7. American Horror StoryI’ve mentioned this series before. I resisted it for a long time, but I’m glad I finally watched it. The acting is really great. I love that they have a more “mature” woman in the lead role.

8. The Killing – If you love detective stories and/or mysteries, then you MUST watch The Killing. It is so good. The story is great and the acting is even better. I’m sad that no more of these will be made.

9. The Walking Dead – This is another series that I resisted for a long time. I mean, how good could it really be? THAT good. I thought it would just be gross zombies all the time, but it isn’t. It is really a story about the people and what happens to them when thrust into a survival situation. I have not seen any of the most recent season so please do not spoiler me in the comments. (I’ve been covering my ears and singing lalalala when the commercials come on.)

10. Doctor Who – Give it one season. Just one. If you don’t fall in love with Rose and the Doctor then I don’t really think I want to know you. (Kidding.) (Maybe.)

11. Friends – I had to add some levity. We all know the story of the six friends. Watch it for nostalgia and laughs.

12. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – I can’t have any kind of must watch series list without adding Buffy. It will forever and always be my favorite. A series about a strong girl who kicks butt, takes care of her friends, loves hard and never stops fighting? Yes, please.

I could have made this post go on and on, but I forced myself to stop at 12. You can find more of my favorite Netflix finds in these posts:

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What are your favorite being-worthy series on Netflix?