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As I’ve told you before, I am resistant to being told what programs to watch or what is good. Hype makes me uninterested. Eventually, I will give in and realize what a fool I’ve been (see The Walking Dead). This is the only reason I can imagine that I have waited so long to use the “Top Picks” feature on Netflix.

All this time Netflix has been all, “Watch these shows. You will really love them. We promise.” And I’ve been all, “You aren’t the boss of me Netflix. I’ll watch want I want. And spinach is gross.” Wait. That last one was from my childhood. I was wrong about it too. This whole time I’ve been resisting good programming because I thought Netflix was trying to boss me around when really they were trying to be my friend.

While I still have a LOT of things on my list that I’ve picked out myself, a few weekends ago I decided to try the Top Picks feature. I’m so glad I did. Here are some of things I’ve watched that I probably never would have without the recommendation.

1. The Bletchley Circle (5 stars) – A group of women that worked for the British government in the second world war now set out to solve crimes. The writing is brilliant. It has strong female leads. How could I not like this show? I loved it.

2. The Making of a Lady (5 stars) – Brits know how to do TV and movies. This is set in Victorian times (?, I’m not good with eras). It is about a woman who marries a British lord who has to leave for war or something. All kinds of suspenseful stuff ensues. Really great.

3. In Dreams (5 stars) – This is a movie with Annette Benning, Aiden Quinn, and Robert Downey Jr. from 1999. I’m not sure why I haven’t watched this before. It has all kinds of things I love, good actors, paranormal story line, a mystery to solve. Perfect for a rainy afternoon.

4. Haunter (5 stars) – This one also. I never heard of it, but again with all of the things I like in movies. This one “puts a spin on spooky”. Watch it to see what that means. Plus, it has Abigail Breslin from Little Miss Sunshine, one of the most awesome movies ever.

5. Stephen King’s A Good Marriage (4 stars) – This is an adaptation of one of King’s books. It stars Joan Allen (The Contender, Bourne series) and Anthony LaPaglia. It is about a woman that discovers her husband is a serial killer and what she does when she finds out. It is a fast-paced, psychological thriller with (again) a strong female lead (who gets to have sex, because you know us “old” people still do).

6. Bitten (4 stars) – This series is based on the book by Kelly Armstrong. I think one of the main reasons I liked it is because I enjoyed the books. If you like shows about werewolves and mysteries then you will probably like this too.

7. The Killing Game (4 stars) – This was a made for TV movie based on another book by Iris Johansen. Again, I liked the book and the movie. Laura Prepon (Orange is the New Black) plays the lead and she does an excellent job.

8. Helix (3 stars) – I liked this show and the storyline. It has enough twists and turns to keep me interested. I would have given it four stars if Billy Campbell (The Killing) would have quit freaking whispering and just talked like a normal person.

9. Horns (3 stars) – Oh Daniel Radcliffe, you are all grown up and having sex and drinking and wow is this a different role for you than Harry Potter. It was super weird to hear him speak with an American accent, but other than that, I did like this movie. I’m not sure why I gave it only three stars. The story line is really different. It is a mystery with a twist (that you can probably figure out before the end). I really did like it. I may have to change my rating to a four.

10. Residue (3 stars) – Another British series, this one is about a bomb that goes off in the middle of London that causes paranormal things to start happening. It is pretty dark. Not the content, but the filming. I like it, but I would probably watch other stuff first.

Have you used the “top pick” feature for Netflix recommendations? If not, you should.

Netflix Recommendations

What are you watching on Netflix right now?

I am…

I am 43. A mother. A wife. A sister. A daughter. A friend.

I wonder what tomorrow holds while trying so hard to focus on today.

I hear traffic. The soft buzz of the air conditioning. Papers shuffling. A speaker on a webinar.

I see life happening all around me.

I want peace. Love. Open hearts. Open minds. For people to really think.

I am growing. Weak. Strong. Here.

I pretend that I’m okay when I’m not. That everything is fine when it isn’t. That I am in control when I’m not.

I feel all the time. Hurt. Anger. Love. Hope.

I touch the hearts of the people I love. I hope.

I worry all the time.

I cry when I break. When I’m overwhelmed. When I’m scared. When I lose hope.

I am a writer. Healing. Born again. A Christian.

I understand life is hard. And wonderful.

I say, “Love everyone.” All the time.

I dream of a better world.

I try to be an example.

I hope that…

I am.


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